Executive Team

Elements for Success

Successfully completing a corporate sale transaction involves a proactive and well-thought out plan to maximize price, optimize terms, and achieve the best scenario for our clients. We develop optimized corporate transaction strategies with a focus on:

Positioning your company in the marketplace to achieve desired valuation multiples

Structuring the transaction to optimize cash and non-cash attributes, and

Coordination of transaction planning with your outside advisors on legal, tax and wealth preservation strategies

Elements of a Successful Transaction


Company for Maximum Value


with your other Advisors


The deal to optimize proceeds

Our Values

Impact Capital Group strives to deliver:

World class analysis and decision support

Access around the clock 24/7

Extraordinary results

Industry knowledge and track record

Long term relationships

Seamless integration with other professional advisors

Promoting a positive image of each client

Cultivate large networks for referrals beyond transactions

Impact Capital Group honors these core values:

Integrity and honest dealing

Respect and diversity



Interests aligned with the client

Experienced Deal Makers

Our team of advisors have experience from bulge-bracket banking, venture capital, private equity, sovereign wealth, and Big 4 accounting. We put this expertise to work for you.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Companies are facing a business world that is becoming increasingly complex. We provide investment banking and strategic transaction advisory services that are multi-disciplinary, leading to optimized price, terms, and scenario for the stakeholders.

Creativity & Zeal

How the job is achieved is as important as achieving it. We bring passion, creativity, and zeal to each and every client we work with.

Dedicated Deal Team

The team you meet with is the team you get for the duration of your transaction process.

Quantitative & Qualitative

Companies and shareholders have unique quantitative and qualitative considerations for a corporate transaction to feel like a success. We are highly attuned to the sensitivities of our clients and focused on delivering successful outcomes.

Transparency & Efficiency

From fee structures to speed of process, our goal is to be the preferred solution for middle-market corporate transactions.

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