Identify, Enumerate, Engage and Execute (I.E.E.E.).

Our process has been tailored over decades of successful implementation across sectors and is comprised of 4 steps:
Identify, Enumerate, Engage and Execute (I.E.E.E.).


In the Identification process our advisers utilize historical financial and operational data coupled with global industry trends to accurately benchmark the current position and trajectory of the company. This process is conducted in collective collaboration with the company executives and results in a road map that is based on pragmatic and measurable results.


The results from Step One are codified on an Impact time line that is based on all elements of a successful implementation – People, Process, Capital and Technology. Each segment in the road map is codified to address a strategic element that either positively contributes towards increased value or is designed to ensure sustained enterprise value for a prospective buyer/ seller.


Our advisory services professionals will also help our clients in the programmatic implementation and execution of the Impact plans. This involves serving as Program and project managers as well as routine audits and expert guidance during the entire process. In some instances the company may not have the expertise in-house to perform the tasks and our professionals will work alongside company executives to ensure the success of the plan. In most cases, Steps Three and Four will only be performed by our professionals as long as we have been engaged in the first two steps.

Companies seem to dislike the term ‘ consulting / advisory’ because it represents more of the same. The truth is that Impact Strategic Advisory Consulting represents the intersection of where companies are under the current operating model and where they could be along Impact lines to ensure that they are headed in the direction to maximize shareholder value and returns. We help companies pivot into more profitable directions where they can expand and grow.

It is inevitable that companies will end up making a few mistakes; we help them correct these mistakes.

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