Price Inefficiency

The middle market for private companies
is very price inefficient +/- 25%

Maximize Price & Optimize Terms

In addition to maximizing sales price with multiple offers, by way aggressively marketing your business, we seek to optimize the terms of your transaction including:

  • Amount and timing of payments
  • Allocation of business risks going forwards
  • Transition role and duration for the seller
  • Increasing positive and decreasing adverse effects on the workforce

Strategic Buyer

  • Typical transaction is a strategic acquisition or divestiture
  • 1 transaction Buy and then integrate
  • Synergy creates value including cost reduction and revenue growth
  • Returns - strategic and financial from integration and ongoing operations
  • Valuation - Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) plus synergies

Financial Buyer

  • Typical transaction is a leveraged investment with current management
  • 2 transactions Buy and then sell
  • Revenue growth and debt reduction are value creators
  • Returns - financial only, requires a future liquidity event (e.g. sale, IPO)
  • Valuation - Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)

Sale Process Overview

Sale Preparation

We work with company management to:

  • Gather data
  • Build financial models
  • Build presentation materials
  • Develop pools of likely and not-so-likely buyers
  • Develop marketing strategy
  • Initiate pre-marketing activities

Marketing your Company

We create a market for your private equity:

  • Buyer outreach
  • Negotiate confidentiality terms and conditions
  • Manage introductory meetings
  • Create competition for buyer proposals

Buyer Selection & Negotiation

We help management to:

  • Narrow buyer proposals to the best options
  • Facilitate due diligence
  • Manage presentations
  • Negotiate Letters of Intent
  • Select ultimate buyer


We support management through:

  • Final due diligence
  • Negotiations on final deals points
  • Successful closing

Driving Premium Value

Create a unique and compelling story for every client

Potential buyers or investors list is pre-approved by management

Follow a disciplined approach with specific deliverables for each stage

Cast a wide and discreet net for all likely buyers or investors

Strategically prioritize which buyers or investors to approach early vs. later

Rehearse and continuously improve the presentation

Plan engaging management meetings with buyers or investors

Keep all backup buyers and investors engaged until the transaction closes

Remain quick, discreet, and transparent throughout the entire process

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