Managing Director


  • C-Level, Business Strategies
  • Technology
  • Operations, Manufacturing
  • Financial Reporting


  • University of Southern California

Patrick McCormick founded MPP Associates, a management consulting organization in January 2000, to build and revitalize technology-forward, domestic, and international manufacturers, distributors, and service organizations.

As a C-level executive, Patrick has positioned organizations for sale achieving favorable returns to investors and owners. Patrick brings experience in diverse sectors including medical device manufacturing, high technology, heavy and precision aerospace manufacturing, distribution, high- performance sporting goods, real estate, financial services, and agriculture.

Patrick has assisted entrepreneurs in developing forward-looking business strategies, tactics, accurate financial information, and operating metrics to be used in valuation estimates and forward-looking projections.

Patrick developed financial systems for Colony Advisors, Inc., a billion dollar real estate holding company, and Di-Tech Funding, commercial and personal lending, and ERP systems for Grimmway Farms, the largest producer of carrots worldwide, V-8 Juice, and related agricultural products, Power Partners, producers of 50% the transformers for our nations electrical grid, after a Westinghouse divestiture, and Econolite, traffic light and speed camera sensing systems manufactured in Anaheim, CA., Mexico and Canada.

Patrick is a member of the board of directors of the Love Like Aly™ Wellness Center, he was a past chairman of the Tech Coast Venture Network, and a recent member of the Executive Committee, Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc.

Patrick served as a Naval Officer in the US Pacific Fleet.

Patrick graduated from the University of Southern California, MBA (Finance and Economics) and has a BS in Mechanical Engineering.


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